DC English Learning Materials

Dear All…

Here they are those materials we need for start our English Learning at the beginning of next year…

You can download them and start to adapt yourselves with them. Those materials are in one folder, which you can find 3 levels of English Learning Books (Elementry, Intermediate and pre-intermediate plus 1 Grammar Simply).

Anyway you can use any source you have, as long as you can follow tIhe rules.

I have prepared the modules and will share it with you when we meet again… :smiley: … I mean next year…

So… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and see you then…

Huge and Kisses…

Bunga Mataharry

:please:,this is a great holiday gift
back to topic,i’ll :belajar:

Have a nice study… :slight_smile:

nice :mantap:

learning materials on holiday :belajar:

Elearning :mantap

thanks for share, i’ll :belajar: this materials.:mantap:

ane kagak bisa b.inggris… wkwwk…
thank omz :ngakak:

thanks 4 th material sist… :smiley:

tanks a lot , i try to use that :belajar:

download :squirrel run

[spoiler] gak ada keterangan b.indo nya :capedeh: :dead [/spoiler]

Udah pada download belum yaa? aku belum siapin nih SAP nya… :smiley:

Ikut download yah :smiley:

thanks for share :smiley:

nambah ilmu lagi thanks suhu suhu semua

:mantap: come to back hal-hal yg new

sory b.inggris ane brantakan :hmm:

great thread…
am interested…

how are u doing all???

Sundul subforumnya kak nopi ah. :smiley:

waah iya nih… kapan mulai belajarnya yaa??? :smiley:

Hayo kak nop, di mulai dari hafalan vocab. Sehari 30 kata.
Gak hafal dapet sanksi di banned sehari. :smiley: :hammer:

izin mau :belajar: tante :pinter: